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Save up to 68% with the Direct Mail Solution for Organizations

If you mail 200 pieces or more, you qualify for discounted postage. MyPostageRateSaver NCOA is the all-in-one, cost effective direct mail software solution that can save you up to 68% on postage.  MyPostageRateSaver NCOA gives you the tools you need to effectively correct and sort your bulk mailing in the exact order the Post Office specifies. Optimize your postal savings while sending effective targeted direct mail campaigns.

Addresses, zip codes and bulk mail guidelines are constantly changing. MyPostageSaver NCOA is updated every month to ensure you have the latest postal forms, sorts and rates. MyPostageRateSaver will maximize your postal savings.

Postage Savings:

Regular Standard Class Postage Costs, 3 oz. Letter

Mailing Quantity




Without MyPostageRateSaver




With MyPostageRateSaver NCOA




Postage Savings with NCOA




Customer Quote:

With just a few clicks, all of the hassles of the past are gone.  MyPostageRateSaver sorts, barcodes and prints all of our labels and the paperwork for the Post Office. 
Janice Hite, Redeemer Lutheran Church

  • Automatically verifies and corrects address information with CASS Certified Address
    Correction Database
  • PAVE Certified for Bulk Mail Presorts
  • Adds and corrects ZIP+4 codes with ZIP+4 Look-Up feature
  • Adds delivery point information to addresses for automated barcoded bulk mailing delivery
  • Sorts your bulk mailing in the exact order the post office requires
  • Imports data from Excel, Access, ACT, CSV files and many more common formats
  • Prints on multiple pre-defined and fully customizable layouts including labels, envelopes, form letters post cards, brochures and more
  • Prints corrected addresses in Automated bulk mail sort order
  • Prints CASS report proving accurarcy of addresses
  • Prints complete postage statement, qualification report, barcoded tray and sack labels
  • Supports USPS rates for First-Class, Standard and Non-Profit bulk mailings
  • Supports Regular and Non-Profit USPS bulk mailing rates
  • Supports First Class Automated and Standard Automated letters, cards and flats
  • Filter uncorrectable addresses
  • Receive the latest postal forms and rates

MyPostageRateSaver NCOA contains everything you need to obtain lower bulk mail rates. MyPostageRateSaver NCOA is CASS and PAVE certified by the U.S. Postal Service. In addition to address correction, it updates your mailing software to support current USPS Bulk Mail presorting guidelines, contains the latest postal forms, sorts and rates.

How it Works

  • Import names and addresses from popular database applications such as Microsoft® Excel, Access, Visual FoxPro®, ACT™ and more
  • Use to automatically check, correct and certify your mailing. Filter uncorrectable addresses, reduce wasted envelopes, labels and postage

MyPostageRateSaver NCOA 9.8.0 PAVE Cycle N (Presort Accuracy Validation & Evaluation) Certified Bulk Mail Engine, which is certified for the following sorts, options and forms.

First Class Standard Mail

Standard Mail

First-Class Automation Letters

Standard Mail Automation Letters

First-Class Machinable Letters

Standard Mail Machinable Letters

First-Class Non-Machinable Letters**

Standard Mail Presorted Flats

First-Class Presorted Flats

Standard Mail Automation Flats

First-Class Automation Flats


Options Supported

Postage Statement Facsimiles (Forms)

USPS Qualification Report

PS Form 3600-R

Additional User Documentation

PS Form 3602-N

Barcoded Tray Sack Tags


PS Form 3602-R

*The Automatic Update Plan requires a minimum of four paid releases before canceling.

Automatic Updates Plan Legal Terms
Your use of the enclosed MyPostageRateSaver NCOA are subject to the terms of the product License Agreement, and constitutes your agreement and reaffirmation of all such terms and conditions. Unless you notify MyPostageRateSaver of any discrepancies within thirty (30) days after they first appear on your account statement, they will be deemed acceptable by you for all purposes, including resolution of inquiries made by your card issuer and you release MyPostageRateSaver from all liabilities and claim of loss resulting from any error or discrepancy. Automatic Update Plans require your acceptance of a minimum of four releases of the software before you have the option of canceling. MyPostageRateSaver does not accept returns and does not provide refunds of MyPostageRateSaver NCOA.


If any such change is unacceptable to you, you may terminate your subscription by providing MyPostageRateSaver notice of cancellation before the first day of the next release month. MyPostageRateSaver NCOA are released Monthly. Your continued subscription following the effective date shall constitute your acceptance of such change.