Bulk Mail Features

CASS certifies data and prints CASS Form


Adds Delivery Point data to addresses for automated rates


Quick Zip+4 look up


DPV, LACSLink, SuiteLink 








Sorts for automation rates if you already have a CASS Certified list with Delivery Point data from a data provider


Completes postal forms for bulk mail processing


Non-Machinable Sorting / Forms



Presort letters


Presort flats


Presorted Parcels


Presorted Periodicals


Presort postcards


Automated Periodicals


Also see comparison chart for complete list of all PAVE certified bulk mail sorts and forms supported

Software Features

Import and/or open data exported from MS Excel, Access, ACT and more

Quick start data entry screen

Accepts international postal codes, countries and provinces

Keep contact records

Keep scrolling Notes

Rename fields

Customize fields

Create new custom fields

Find, categorize, filter and index your list

Works with Avery, NEBS and PaperDirect

Create custom labels

Align data on labels

Print labels, envelopes, postcards and address books

Clip art and photo images

*Bulk mail rules, forms, rates, sort criteria, Zip+4 look-up, etc. are constantly changing. Releases are scheduled Monthly. Sign-up for an Automatic Update Plan and start receiving updated releases every month. Automatic Update Plans require your acceptance of a minimum of four paid releases before you have the option of canceling. Pricing, terms, conditions, and features supported are subject to change at any time without prior notice.